And The Winner Is…


And the winner is… me! When I opened the email telling me that I’d won the Runners Connect Your Best Marathon giveaway, I couldn’t believe it. I never win anything – ever. If there are 5 prizes in a drawing, my name will be drawn 6th. The luck of the draw has never been in my favor, but what an awesome prize to kick off my lucky streak.

My prizes include the Runners Connect Strength Program, a One Month Supply of Enduropacks Recovery Products, and a pair of Skora Fit Shoes!  Winning this contest came at a great time, as I will start training for my 3rd marathon in two months.

Within hours of receiving the “you’re the winner” email, I was sent the link for the strength program, and couldn’t wait to dive in. This is an incredibly comprehensive program. There are five modules included in the program. Module 1 – Prescriptions, details the strength programs according to race distance from the 5k to the marathon. There are also programs for general fitness, weight loss, and even one for time-crunched runners (isn’t everyone?). Module 2 – Routines gives the specific exercises to be done, in both PDF and video form. We’re talking 23 separate routines! Module 3 – Injury Prevention Routines, details 17 specific workouts to help prevent and help speed recovery from common running injuries. Module 4 – Philosophy and Research, explains the rationale behind the exercise programs. This is great for inquiring minds like mine, who want to know the how and why of everything. Module 5 – Interviews and Bonus Material includes interviews with Jason Fitzgerald, Dr. Mark Cucuzzell, and Jay Johnson, as well as more injury prevention information.

Since I’m not “in training” yet, I’ve been following the General Fitness routine. It’s not horribly time-consuming, as most of the routines can be completed in 15-20 minutes. The exercises are familiar, and I’ve been trying to do them regularly even before starting this program, but following the program organizes them so that nothing is missed. Each week the core, hips/glutes/legs (upper and lower), and even the Achilles are strengthened. The general/gym strength routines include upper body work as well.

Because I’m an experienced weight lifter, I tend to gravitate towards the more advanced routines, and I admit to adding sets and/or reps to some of the routines. (When I start marathon training, I’ll try to be better about sticking to the routines as written.) I’ve noticed that my runs lately have felt stronger, and my lower body seems more solid and a bit more fatigue-resistant.

I have to give a shout out to the Runners Connect people too. Both Jeff Gaudette and Tina Muir have emailed me to see how the program is working, and to ask if I have any questions. Talk about impressive follow-up! If you’re not familiar with Runners Connect, please head on over to right now and see what you’ve been missing.

I’m heading out to buy a lotto ticket – fingers crossed my lucky streak continues!


One thought on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Runners Connect

    Awesome Janet! This could not gone to a more deserving winner, and we are happy to see you are enjoying the program so far. Thanks for your post, we look forward to following your journey in the future!


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